10 Easy Crochet Basket Patterns You Can Make & Sell

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Why not turn your creative passion into profits by making gorgeous crochet baskets and selling them either online or at your local craft fair?

After all, crochet baskets are one of the best crafts to make and sell because they’re always popular and they’re not easy for people to make themselves… unless they’re like you and know how to crochet or are willing to learn!

In this post, we’ve got 10 of our favorite crochet basket patterns from Etsy that you can make and sell… or even give away as the perfect diy gifts to friends & family!

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Top 10 Easy Crochet Basket Patterns From Etsy That You Can Make and Sell


1. Crochet Owl Storage Basket Pattern – 3 Basket Sizes

Crochet Owl Storage Basket Pattern - 3 Basket Sizes #storage #organization #organisation #crafty #craft #makemoney #sellcrafts #diy #crochetcraft


2. Owl Nesting Basket


3. Essentials Basket Crochet Pattern

Crochet Pattern ~ Essentials Basket ~ Crochet Pattern #storage #organization #organisation #crafty #craft #makemoney #sellcrafts #diy #crochetcraft


4. The Original Owl Basket

Crochet Pattern-- The Original Owl Basket --Crochet Pattern #crochet #storage #organisation #organization


5. Cutie Utility Baskets


6. Hanging Monster Basket Crochet Pattern


7. Round Crochet Basket

Pattern for crochet basket


8. Round Scallop Edge Basket Pattern

Crochet Basket Pattern - Round Scallop Edge Basket - PDF


9. Crochet Heart Basket

Crochet Heart Basket


10. Waistcoat Basket Crochet Pattern


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I really hope this post has given you some great ideas for crochet products you can make as a successful side hustle, gift or just for yourself.

Making money as a side hustle is a real passion of mine… it’s how I’ve got to where I am making an income as a blogger. I love to encourage you to pursue your passions too as you never know where it could take you!