10 DIY Valentine’s Crafts To Make and Sell

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Valentine’s day is the perfect time to get creative and make some extra cash with these Valentine’s crafts to make and sell that we’ve listed for you below.

DIY Valentine’s Gifts To Make and Sell

Many people are looking for the perfect gift to give their loved one this Valentine’s day and what could be better than a gorgeous handmade gift that’s unique and made with love?

Diy Valentine’s gifts can include anything from a heart suncatcher, beauty treatments, mason jars filled with little messages of love.

Personalized Valentines Gifts To Make and Sell

On Valentine’s day, there’s nothing quite so special as receiving a personalized gift that was made especially for you.

That’s why we recommend offering your customers the ability to personalize the item they buy from you! You’ll be inundated with orders!

DIY Valentines Decor To Make and Sell

Alongside gifts, handmade Valentine’s decor is another great craft idea you can make and sell this time of year.

In fact, heart-themed decor pieces are popular all year round which makes them great options to sell throughout the year.

Great projects include hearts made from pallets, heart-shaped wreaths, painted mason jars, and many more besides.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some easy crafts that you can make and sell for Valentine’s day…

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10 Stunning DIY Valentine's Crafts To Make and Sell On A Budget! Whether you're looking for Valentine's day gifts to sell or for popular Valentine's day decor ideas that you can sell for profit, we've got some wonderful easy crafts for you in this post! Selling crafts is a great way to make extra cash and the ideas we have for you are all popular sellers and trending crafts that can be sold online at Etsy or even at your local craft fairs!

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10 DIY Valentine’s Crafts To Make and Sell

1. DIY Candle Carved With Initials

DIY Candle Carved With Initials

This pretty candle will make the perfect gift for someone to give this Valentine’s day and also doubles up as a wonderful decor piece too… making it a great craft you can make and sell!

2. DIY Conversation Heart Valentine’s Day Bath Bombs

heart conversation bath bombs

How adorable are these little bath bombs? They’re perfect for filling with personalized messages of love and are super easy to make too!

3. DIY Floral Valentine’s Day Wreath

DIY Heart Wreath

Valentine’s wreaths are one of the most popular crafts to make and sell! After all, who can resist brightening up their front door with stunning wreaths as beautiful as this DIY rose wreath here? It’s easy to make and will sell like hotcakes whether you sell it on Etsy or at your local craft fairs.

4. Stamped Farmhouse Wooden Blocks

stamped farmhouse blocks

These cute blocks will look stunning on any sideboard or shelf. You can offer your customers a choice of colors that would make these blocks perfect to sell throughout the year!

5. DIY Valentine’s Day Gnome

DIY Valentine's Day Gnomes are the perfect craft to make and sell

Gnomes are one of those crafts that are trending right now and they’re so adorable it’s not hard to see why.

Not only are they one of the most perfect Valentine’s crafts to make and sell, but they’re also extremely popular for Christmas too and can be customized to suit most decor styles!

6. DIY Woven Heart Burlap Pillow

DIY woven heart shaped burlap pillow

A heart themed pillow, like this farmhouse-style burlap one, is a romantic gift idea that will be cherished by anyone who receives one.

They’re a great Valentine’s craft idea because they can be customized which will add to their popularity.

7. Latex Painted Mason Jars for Valentine’s Day

Latex Painted Mason Jars for Valentine’s Day

These stylish vintage-inspired mason jars will be a popular selling craft this Valentine’s day!

They’re perfect for storing little trinkets in and will be a show-stopper in any home!

8. DIY Heart Coaster

heart coasters

These cute heart coasters are the perfect craft to make and sell this Valentine’s day. Not only are they easy to make but can be made on a budget and personalized too!

9. DIY Valentine’s Sugar Scrub

Valentines sugar scrub

This strawberry scented body scrub is filled with heart confetti pieces that will surprise and delight! 

10. Beaded Heart Suncatcher

beaded heart suncatcher

With a selection of pretty glass beads, you can customize this pretty heart suncatcher to your heart’s content!

It will look mesmerizing hanging in any window and makes a great gift idea… meaning it’s a great one to make and sell!


Whether you’re looking for a homemade Valentine’s gift idea or valentine themed decor pieces to make and sell for some extra cash, these DIY crafts are perfect.

Share your favorite with us in the comments below!

Happy crafting and selling everyone!

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