OMG!! Hello you!

Honestly, I cannot tell you how excited I am right now to have you here!

You see, this time last year, this little blog that you’re on now didn’t even exist…

In March 2018, it came to life, but of course… I didn’t think anyone would actually read it… so the fact that you’re here reading this makes it all worthwhile! Thank you!

In fact, you have joined an army of over 300k readers so far… that’s huge & it makes my heart a little giddy!

So… thank you for being here & being part of this little blog & helping it to grow!

What You’ll Find Here

Other than a random, silly unicorn… you’ll find all kinds of cool content to read…

In fact, here at The Mummy Front… you’re at the front of my priorities so if you’re happy, I’m happy!

My goal is to help you take control & make your life, home & situation the best of the best so you can relax and enjoy yourself to the max!

I’m all about living simply, having a good time & being true to myself… it doesn’t solve all of life’s problems but it damn well makes them easier to cope with!

This website is where I share my tips & experience with you in order for you to do the same!

So Who Am I You Ask?

My name is Andie, I am based in the UK but most of my readers are from the USA… all this means is that my spellchecker is set to American English and my family have started to ask why I spell organize with a Z nowadays… other than that it doesn’t make a squat of difference!

I work full time from home on this blog & am a mother to not one, or two, but THREE little kiddies… ok, technically four if you count my partner!