Everyone has an idea in mind of the home they would love to live in. For some, it’s a cozy cottage, for others it’s a modern mansion & for some, it’s a boho style cave in the middle of nowhere (ok maybe that’s just me).

Either way, we all have an idea of what our dream home would look like and so we look for ways to create it.

The Mummy Front was created with you in mind! It exists to help you create a home you can be passionate about… and on a budget too!

Because let’s face it… crafting something yourself, for your home feels so good… and the money you save doing it feels even better!

And hey… It’s not about doing your home up on the cheap! No, no, no… it’s about creating a home that is YOU! and what about all the money you saved? well, that can be spent on other things (or saved) like glitter and new outfits to swish around your beautiful home in!

So Who Am I?

My name is Andie, I am based in the UK but most of my readers are from the USA… all this means is that my spellchecker is set to American English and my family have started to ask why I spell organize with a Z nowadays… other than that it doesn’t make any difference!

I work full time from home on this blog & am a mother to not one, or two, but THREE little kiddies… ok, technically four if you count my partner!