17 Pumpkin Face Paint Ideas You’ll Want To Try!

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Spice up your Halloween costume this year with these 17 pumpkin face paint ideas that are sure to make you the star of any party.

From simple designs like orange with black stripes to more complicated patterns, these tutorials will have you looking spooky in no time.

And the best news?

You don’t need expensive makeup or professional skills to achieve an amazing look – all it takes is some creativity and inspiration!

Whether you want something quick and easy or something more complex, we’ve got some pumpkin makeup looks for every skill level.

Oh, and we’ve also got some helpful tips so you can put together an easy pumpkin costume to go with your pumpkin makeup!

pumpkin makeup

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How Do You Make A Pumpkin With Makeup?

Creating a cute (or scary) pumpkin look with makeup or face paint is super easy to do!

You can get yourself a little Halloween makeup set like this or just simply use the makeup you already have in your makeup bag along with some orange face paint!

To create a pumpkin makeup look you will need…

makeup palette

How To Make A Pumpkin Costume

Pumpkin costumes are readily available to buy online…

But you can have so much fun putting together your own DIY pumpkin costume!

In fact, a pumpkin costume to match your face paint is easy to make and budget-friendly too!

What do you need for a pumpkin costume?

Some optional extras for a pumpkin costume would include…

So are you ready to get started on your pumpkin face paint design?

Let’s do it…

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17 Pumpkin face paint ideas you need to try this Halloween! These pumpkin makeup looks are creative, unique, cute and scary!

17 Pumpkin Face Paint Makeup Tutorials You Can Easily Do This Halloween

1. Glam Pumpkin Look

2. Glitter Pumpkin Face Paint

Glitter pumpkin face paint idea

3. Scary Pumpkin Makeup Look

Scary Pumpkin Makeup Look

4. Easy Pumpkin Makeup Look


5. Melting Pumpkin Face Paint

6. Affordable Pumpkin Makeup Tutorial

7. Scary Pumpkin Face Paint

Scary Pumpkin makeup

8. Pumpkin Face Makeup Design

9. Halloween Pumpkin Tutorial

10. Skeleton Pumpkin Makeup

Skeleton pumpkin makeup

11. Easy Pumpkin Makeup

simple pumpkin makeup look

12. Pumpkin-Inspired Face Paint Idea

Pumpkin inspired glitter face paint look

13. Rainbow Pumpkin Face Paint

rainbow pumpkin face paint

14. Stunning Pumpkin Makeup Look With Glitter

Amazing pumpkin makeup for halloween

15. Unique Jack ‘o’ Lantern Makeup

pumpkin makeup

16. Cute Pumpkin Face Paint

Cute pumpkin face paint

17. Creepy Pumpkin Face Paint

creepy pumpkin face paint for halloween


Before You Go...

Whether you’re going for cute pumpkin makeup or a scary pumpkin look to give everyone the creeps this Halloween, then these awesome pumpkin face paint ideas have shown you that there are many awesome looks to choose from!

And the best part?

These pumpkin makeup ideas are all fun, creative and can be as easy or intricate as you like!

Happy Halloween!!