16 Easy Christmas Painting Ideas Anyone Can Do!

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No matter what your skill level, these easy Christmas paintings are the perfect way to get creative this holiday season.

These easy-to-do pieces will make your home or office more festive and be a great talking point when guests visit!

They also make great handmade gifts – especially if you like giving something full of your own special touch!

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What Supplies Will You Need For Easy Christmas Paintings?

At a very basic level, all you need for easy Christmas paintings are paint, paintbrushes, and paper or canvas.

However, you may want to take your painting to the next level with a few other materials.

Optional Painting Materials You Can Use For Canvas Paintings

And, if you want to try something a little bit different, there’s so much fun to be had by painting on other surfaces too!

Just remember that the correct type of paint is needed depending on what kind of surface your project will end up being created on…

Other good surfaces to do Christmas paintings on include…

  • Mason Jars – You’ll need glass paints
  • Rocks – You’ll need acrylic paints
  • Plates – You’ll need porcelain or ceramic paints
  • Wooden Signs – You’ll need to use acrylic paints

So without further ado, are you ready to get creative?

Great, let’s do it…

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16 Easy Christmas Paintings Anyone Can Do!

16 Easy Christmas Painting Ideas Anyone Can Do!

1. Snowy Village Holiday Painting

Snowy Village Painting

2. Christmas Eve Painting By Numbers

Christmas Eve Painting By Numbers

3. Cozy Cat By The Fireplace Painting

Cozy Cat By The Fireplace Painting

4. Adorable Snowman Canvas

Adorable snowman canvas painting

5. Step By Step Santa Painting

Step by Step Santa Painting

6. 5D Snowman Diamond Art

5D Snowman Diamond Painting

7. Painted Penguin Rocks

painted penguin rocks

8. Printable Paint By Number Santa

Printable Paint By Number Santa

9. Christmas Puppy Painting For Adults

christmas puppy painting for adults

10. Printable Grinch Painting

Grinch painting

11. Christmas Gnome Painting

Christmas gnome painting

12. Easy Snowman Painting

Snowman painting

13. Easy Christmas Tree Painting Tutorial

Easy Christmas tree painting

14. Christmas Kitty Rock Painting Tutorial

Kitty Rock Painting Tutorial

15. Christmas Gnome Rock Painting

Christmas Gnome Rock Painting

16. Central Park Winter Painting

Central park in winter painting