How To Get Bohemian Style Decor In Your Home… Without Redecorating

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How to get stunning boho style in your home without redecorating
Choosing bohemian style decor in your home is a great way to express your individuality & creativity and the best part is… boho style decor is best achieved through handmade & quirky accessories that won’t cost you a load of money.

What Even is Bohemian Style Decor?

In France, the word Bohemian, spelled Bohémien, means Gypsy.

Therefore, bohemian style decor is famous for its creativity and free-spirited style that brings together both the old and the new and an eclectic mix of beautiful colors, patterns, and prints.

Bohemian style decor is unstructured and free-flowing, which makes for a very cozy, relaxing and not to mention an interesting environment that exudes charm.

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How To Get Stunning Boho-Style Decor in Your Home

There are so many great decorating guides on how to achieve boho style decor… but really, the best way to give your home chic boho style is to simply buy what you LOVE.

There are no rules with bohemian decor, it is best done as a representation of you and your style…

So if you go with what you love, you can’t go wrong.

As a starting point, adding fairy lights to your rooms is a super easy and cost-effective way to bring cozy, boho-style into your home without having to spend loads of money.

I have these stunning lights in my home and they are beyond magical!

3 Boho Style Bedrooms You Will Want In Your Own Home

Bohemian Style Decor Must-Haves

Although boho style allows for a whole load of freedom, there are a few things you can do to give your home an instant boho touch that doesn’t involve any decorating.

I have come up with a quick list for you so you can get started with bohemian style decor right away…

How to get bohemian style decor in your home without re-decorating #bohostyledecor #bohemianhomedecor

Best Bohemian Style Decor Stores

Shopping for bohemian style products is not easily done on the high street. After all, Bohemian style is all about unconventionality and being unique, not something for the masses.

The BEST place to source your bohemian items is on Etsy. This is truly my favorite place to shop for gorgeous, high-quality items at cheap prices that really fit with my boho style.

TK Maxx and Urban Outfitters also offer an amazing collection of unique bohemian items that are pretty much irresistible to us bohemian girlies!

How to get bohemian style decor in your home without re-decorating #bohostyledecor #bohemianhomedecor #bohocushion

Bohemian Style Decor Inspiration

With all the bohemian projects I have in mind for my home, I’ve (naturally) been looking for inspiration on Pinterest where there are so many ideas to inspire.

If you’re anything like me, then you will have spent a long time ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the many gorgeous boho-style rooms on Pinterest… am I right?

But don’t just ooh and ahh at these beautiful rooms, get them for yourself and fall in love with your own home.

If you need a little more help on getting started with a boho-chic home, I have found 3 of the most gorgeous rooms that will help give you all the inspiration you need to get bohemian style decor in your home… without redecorating!

Let’s go…


Boho style Room Decor | Home Decor

1. Light & Spacious Boho-Style Room With Natural Elements

Boho Style Room | Boho Style Home decor
Image Source: Urban Outfitters


I love everything about this bohemian style room! It’s bright and spacious and yet really cozy too.

The natural elements of the bohemian wall hangings and plants, mixed with the bright eclectic mix of colorful cushions, give this room that beautiful boho touch.

The floor cushion is a little haute bohème but looks so comfy and inviting!


Love this room? You Can Shop the look…

Beautiful Boho Inspired Products for your home

  1. Floor Cushion
  2. Organic Wool Vintage Rug 
  3. Handmade Round Chunky Crochet Pillow
  4. Purple Velvet Pintuck Cushion
  5. Sequin Embroidered Cushion Cover
  6. Blush Pink Velvet Cushion Covers
  7. Macrame Brass Wall Hanging Hoop
  8. Sunbeam Peruvian Mirror
  9. Wicker Sun Burst Mirror
  10. Triple Eye Wall Hanging
  11. Macrame Wall Hanging
  12. Swiss Cheese House Plant
  13. House Plant In 13cm Pot

2. Gorgeous, Warm & Cosy Boho-Style Bedroom

Bohemian Style Bedroom | Boho inspired home decor
Image Souce: Urban Outfitters


This room is a boho girl heaven! With the dark, natural color scheme and the beautiful lights hanging from the ceiling, this room looks warm, cozy and oh-so-inviting… a room where any bohemian girl would love to relax!


Love this room? You Can Shop the look…

7 Awesome Boho Products that will add Bohemian Chic to your home

  1. Boho Wall Tapestry
  2. Warm White Micro Fairy Lights
  3. Monochrome rug
  4. Star Mandala Comforter Cover
  5. Spider Plant
  6. Modern Boho Platform Bed Frame
  7. Triangular Black Scarf

3. A whimsical & magical boho chic room

Beautiful Boho Bedroom | Bohemian style Home Decor
Image Souce: Urban Outfitters

This bohemian style room is absolutely STUNNING!

Canopies are a common feature in bohemian style rooms and the beauty of it speaks for itself.

Paired with fairy lights, the tulle canopy makes for a gorgeous magical effect that every bohemian girl will love.

You can buy tulle fabric like this one here as a cost-effective way to create a gorgeous canopy over your own bed!


Love This Room? You Can Shop The Look…

Boho Home Decor Products | Stunning Boho Style

    1. Warm White Micro Fairy Lights
    2. Boho Style duvet
    3. Castor oil plant
    4. Small Brass Pot
    5. Alternative Brass Pot
    6. Luxurious Cotton Chunky Cable Knit Throw
    7. Pink Cotton PomPom Pillow Case
    8. Faux Fur Rug Soft Fluffy Rug

Before You Go…

I hope you’ve enjoyed these gorgeous bohemian styled rooms as much as I have and have found some boho chic inspiration for your own home too.

As you can see, bohemian home decor doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to achieve in your own home.

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