28 Wickedly Good Drink Ideas For Halloween (Adult & Kid-friendly Options)

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Looking for some wickedly good drink ideas for Halloween that will thrill your guests?

There’s no doubt Halloween is one of the best holidays for bringing people together for fun & playfulness! 

Not only can you dress up in spooktacular Halloween costumes… you get to dress up your home, food & drinks too!

More DIY Halloween Ideas Chosen For You…

These Halloween Drink ideas (with some kid-friendly options too) are full of your favorite ingredients and look absolutely mind-blowing to boot…

And the best part?

They taste delicious too! 

So let’s get to it…

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28 Wicked Drink Ideas For Halloween (Adult & Kid-friendly Options) Delight your guests with crazy and spooky Halloween cocktails that all taste amazing! You'll find great Halloween drinks to make ahead & easy drink recipes to make as you go! Got little ones attending your party? No worries! We've got some super spooky Halloween drink ideas for kids too! Check the out now! #halloweendrinks #halloweenparty #halloweencocktails

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28 Wickedly Good Drink Ideas For Halloween

(Adult & Kid-friendly Options)

#1 Halloween Vampire Cocktail

There’s something freakishly unnerving about serving drinks in syringes… But it just feels right on Oct 31st!

Spooky Vampire Cocktail
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#2 Witches Brew Cocktail Recipe

Embrace your inner Wicked Witch of the West with this shimmering witches brew!

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#3 Halloween Sangria

This Halloween sangria is the perfect make-ahead option and the blood-red wine will look fantastically fitting on your party table!

Halloween sangria
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#4 Black Magic Cocktail

What could be better than this black, shimmering party cocktail on Halloween…

Black Magic Shimmering Cocktail
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#5 Witches Brew

The lime jello in this cocktail makes for a fun fizz and intensely colored drink everyone will enjoy!

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#6 Poison Apple Cocktail

This shimmering poison apple cocktail proves that simple creations really can be the best!

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#7 Maleficent Cocktail

This showstopping Halloween cocktail will be a massive hit with your guests… and has a kid-friendly option too!

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#8 Nightmare Before Christmas Cocktail

This bone shakingly good Jack Skellington inspired Halloween shot is easy to make (even when you’ve had a few)!

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#9 Zombtini Cocktail

This Zombie cocktail may look creepy… but it’s absolutely delicious!

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#10 Haunted Highball

Simply draw some spooky ghost faces onto your glass before pouring in your cocktail and you’ve got yourself a real party pleaser! 

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#11 Shimmering Witches Brew

Want that WOW factor? Then this wickedly delicious drink is the one to serve…

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#12 Spooky Halloween Batch Cocktails

Created by a mad scientist? These Halloween cocktails certainly look that way… 

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#13 Purple People Eater Color Changing Cocktail

Your guests will watch in wonder as their drink magically changes color before their very eyes…

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#14 Purple Moscow Mule

Fancy a glass of poison? This drink looks intoxicatingly good… but don’t worry… it’s totally safe!

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Kid-Friendly Halloween Mocktails!

Kids are just as excited as adults to try some spooky, fun, and crazy drinks on Halloween! With these Kid-friendly options, you’ll delight all mini Frankensteins, ghosts, and baby pumpkins who attend your party this year!

#15 Kid-Friendly Vampire Drink

Little vamps will be freakishly delighted to squirt some blood into their drinks!

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#16 Spooky Fog Drinks

Halloween is all about candy! So it just makes sense to add candy to your drinks too, right?!

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#17 Eyeball Punch

Come Halloween, kids love anything gruesome… delight them (and gross them out at the same time) with this eyeball punch!

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#18 Boogeyman Brew

This Boogeyman Brew is beyond easy to make and both kids and adults alike will simply love the bright color and candy topping!… it tastes delicious too!

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#19 Black Widow Venom Punch

This party punch may be filled with creepy spiders…  but it tastes deceptively amazing!

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#20 Creepy Shirley Temples

Want to make your guests happy this Halloween?… serve them these scarily good Shirley Temples! 

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#21 Melting Witch Hot Chocolate

A spooky twist on hot chocolate is just the thing at any Halloween celebration!

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#22 Harry Potter Butter Beer Recipe

Harry Potter fans young and old will be delighted with these delicious Butter Beer treats!

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#23 Black Lemonade

You’ll only need a few simple ingredients for this exciting Black Lemonade!

*This recipe uses activated charcoal which can affect medication. Please check with your doctor before you use activated charcoal in any drinks or recipes… I recommend using black food coloring as an effective alternative

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#24 Blacklight Lemonade

Anything that glows is perfect for wowing your Halloween party guests! 

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#25 Halloween Punch for Kids

This sweet and refreshing punch has everything kids want on Halloween… candy! 

Halloween Punch for Kids
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#26 Hocus Pocus Punch

Here’s another fantastic Halloween crowd-pleaser that’s super simple for you to pull off!

Hocus Pocus Punch
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#27 Pumpkin Cup Punch

Get the sharpies out and make some wickedly good Halloween cups to serve your punch in this year!

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#28 Halloween Blood Bags

Halloween is the only time of year when drinking from a blood bag is acceptable (and not to mention, exciting)!

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Before You Go...

How exciting are these drink ideas for Halloween?! They’re fun, freakishly tasty and guaranteed to delight you & your guests!

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