How To Fix Slime | With One Ingredient You Already Have

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How to fix slime with one ingredient you already have | simple slime fixing method


Slime has become the thing of the moment with kids from one side of the world to the other.

The kids in America are looked upon in envy from their less than fortunate counterparts in the UK as they add Borax into their slime without a wavering thought for those poor souls who just can’t get their hands on it.

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How to fix slime with one ingredient you already have | slime fixing method

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Sales of Optrex have no doubt shot through the roof as parents in the UK realized that they could use Optrex contact lens solution, alongside bicarbonate of soda, to create a better slime than the Aldi washing gel concoction ever could.

Having recently discovered this amazing all-in-one Slime Activator on Amazon, our slime making escapades have become extremely easy.

slime activator

It’s such a great product that has altogether eliminated the problem of how much bicarbonate of soda to contact lens solution ratio!

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Whether you make UK slime with the all-in-one activator or the bicarb/contact lens method…if you didn’t add hand moisturizer to your original mix, you will find that your slime has turned into some sort of hard jelly that just breaks into pieces.

As tempting as it is to throw it away at this point… DON’T!

You can fix this slime very easily and all you need is one Ingredient… Hand Moisturiser!


Step 1:

Break up your hardened slime and place it into a bowl (my bowl was already used to fix another slime so that’s why it looks ‘messy’)

Step 2:

Squirt in a lot of hand moisturizer. I used Childs Farm moisturizer because I suffer from eczema & it’s kind to my skin… but really you could use any moisturizer of your choice.


Step 3

Use your hand to repeatedly squeeze the slime pieces and moisturizer together. It will look like it’s hopeless and not working but trust me, it is, just keep going. Keep adding moisturiser as needed (I used about 4/5 tablespoons altogether)


After 2 minutes of squidging:


After 5 Minutes of squidging:


After 7 minutes of squidging, you can see the slime becoming stringy


After 9 Minutes of squidging


After 12 minutes of squidging:

Step 4

When your slime looks like the above pic, pick it up and start stretching it and pulling it between both your hands. Use your fingers to squish up any stubborn lumpy bits… add more moisturiser as you need it, until your slime looks like this…

If you find your slime is a little too sticky squirt in a tiny smidging of the all-in-one activator or contact lens solution to take the stickiness away.

This repaired slime has lived on to see day after day of play time with my kids, without any further medical treatment needed.

Have you tried this method for fixing slime or have any other methods to fix it? If so, I would love it if you let me know in the comments section below 🙂