Affiliate Marketing for New Bloggers (8 tips that actually work)

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What if you could make money from your blog in a way that feels good and actually helps people…

without having to constantly work hard and sell in a spammy way?

Well, here’s what you need to know…

You CAN make money with your blog the easy and non-spammy way and I’m going to show you exactly how to do that in this Affiliate marketing for new bloggers guide.

When you start a blog, affiliate marketing can seem REALLY confusing… but it doesn’t have to be!

If you like things nice and easy then be sure to read on for some simple affiliate marketing tips that you can actually start applying today!

P.S These affiliate marketing tips actually work so be sure to click here or on the image below to quickly and easily save them to your Pinterest

8 Easy Affiliate Marketing Tips for New Bloggers that actually work! Increase your income and make money blogging in a non-spammy way that feels good with these affiliate marketing strategies that I have personally used to increase my blogging income. Click the pin to start implementing these strategies today #themummyfront

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What is affiliate marketing anyway?

Affiliate marketing is when you (the affiliate) promotes someone else’s product or service.

You receive a commission when someone buys that product or service through your recommendation.

This is all tracked through special links you provide on your blog…

So the first step to affiliate marketing is to find some products and companies you love and register as an affiliate so you can get your special links.

Getting started with affiliate marketing

Amazon affiliates is one of the best affiliate programs you can join as a new blogger.

After all, there isn’t much you can’t buy at Amazon & almost everybody shops there, right?

Which means you can begin promoting products that people actually want straight away!

When you first apply you will not be fully accepted into the program until you have made 3 sales. At that point, Amazon will come over and check your site out & if everything is legit, they will confirm you as an affiliate and you will get your commission.

Amazon does this to maintain the quality of their affiliates & ensure their terms and conditions are being met.

Affiliate Marketing for New Bloggers (tips that actually work)

Here are some helpful tips about affiliate marketing that actually work!

How do I know? 

Because they’re the strategies I personally use to increase my own affiliate marketing income.

#1 Start by choosing the RIGHT affiliate programs to join

It’s tempting to want to sign up for every affiliate program under the sun.

But here’s the thing…

It’s going to be far more profitable for you to pick up to 3 programs and focus on them than to spread your efforts out thinly amongst many.

I tried the lot and learned the hard way.

The affiliate programs I recommend to new bloggers are Amazon and Etsy (through awin).

#2 You can link to products after you’ve published a post…

Don’t panic if you’ve already got post’s up on your blog without affiliate links because you can keep adding & updating links as you go.

Go through your top posts and look for opportunities to add relevant affiliate links that your audience will love.

#3 You don’t have to sell the product you linked to

You will still earn a commission if someone clicks through your link recommending craft glue and goes on to buy a pair of shoes.

So your main goal is to simply GET people to the website and then it’s up to the website you’ve sent them to to make the sale.

This makes it really easy for you because you can recommend awesome products that help people… without having to ‘close’ any sales… ahhhh 🙂 

#4 Roundup posts are an excellent opportunity for earning affiliate income

Roundup posts are a great way of increasing your affiliate commission. 

This is because round-up posts are really good at driving traffic to your blog… more eyes, more clicks, more sales!

So if you have a roundup post of the best keto recipes… it would make sense to recommend some keto-related affiliate links.

#5 Tutorial posts are an affiliate win, win!

Tutorials are another great post type to promote your affiliate links.

Just think about it… you’re going to be giving your audience so much value when you have a tutorial post that links directly to the right supplies they need.

Gift guides are another great way to make an income using affiliate marketing.

It’s your chance to gather together awesome products for your audience whilst being able to include your affiliate links in a natural way.

Where possible, try to include your affiliate links as close to the top of your posts as possible.

After all, many people don’t read to the end.

You can encourage people to stay to the end of your post by saving your most vital piece of information til last… but even so, keep those affiliate links nice and high.

Less is definitely more when it comes to affiliate marketing for two main reasons…

  1. If you have a million links on your page your reader will get confused and overwhelmed and end up not clicking anything!
  2. If you’re over pushing those links you’ll start to look spammy and your reader won’t want to stick around, let alone click!

So make sure that first & foremost your post is providing VALUE and only include relevant affiliate links where needed.

You want those links to stand out like a unicorn in a field of horses for maximum clickability.