Beautiful Rose Bath Bombs With Petals Tutorial

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These rose bath bombs are packed with beautiful dried rose petals and are perfect for a romantic, candlelit bath on Valentine’s day.

You’ll love how they fizz and magically fill your bathtub full of beautiful petals!

Plus they smell delicious – just like freshly picked roses!

rose bath bomb

And the best part?

Whether you’re making these stunning bath bombs for your special someone, or as a well-deserved treat for yourself, you can make them in just ten minutes and with common household ingredients you likely already have in the cupboard!

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How To Make Rose Bath Bombs In Just 10 Minutes! These rose bath bombs are perfect for Valentine's day! Filled with dried rose petals and scented with rose essential oil, this bath bomb recipe will give you a real treat!

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How To Make Bath Bombs With Rose Petals?

It’s super easy to make bath bombs with rose petals.

All you have to do is add some dried petals to your bath bomb mixture and press tightly into a mold.

The result will be bath bombs that explode with stunning petals when dropped into water. 

Rose bath bombs 2

Ingredients Needed For Rose Bath Bombs

Tools Needed For Rose Bath Bombs

Rose Bath Bombs Method

Step 1. Mix dry ingredients

Measure out all your dry ingredients and mix in a bowl

Step 1. Mix dry ingredients

Step 2. Add Scent To The Mixture

Add a few drops of your favorite rose fragrance oil to the dry ingredients and mix.

Step 2. Add Scent To The Mixture

Step 3. Add Rose Petals

Add a handful of dried rose petals to the mixture. I recommend breaking a few of them up into smaller pieces.

Step 3. Add Rose Petals

Step 4. Add Water 

Gradually spray the mixture with water whilst continuously stirring and mixing with your hands.

You need to continuously mix at this point as your mixture will begin to fizz if it becomes too wet!

Stop adding water when the mixture holds its shape when compressed in your hand.

Step 5. Mold Into Bath Bombs

Fill both halves of the bath bomb molds and push them together tightly.

Remove any excess rose petals that are protruding from the sides.

Step 5. Mold Into Bath Bombs

Step 6. Remove Bath Bomb From Mold

Immediately remove the bath bomb from the mold as it will expand and become too tight to remove.

rose bath bomb with petals

Rose Bath Bombs Video Tutorial

Why Won’t My Bath Bombs Stay Together?

If your bath bombs were holding their shape well and then fell apart it’s likely because you used oil instead of water as your wet ingredient.

If you use oil as your wet ingredient then there’s a good chance your bath bombs will break… unless you store them in the fridge.

We recommend making bath bombs with water, as they’ll go rock hard quickly and will keep for months.

Add essential oil drops to give your bath bombs a delightful scent!

Bath bombs with rose petals


These beautifully scented rose bath bombs are super easy to make and will be the perfect way to create a rose petal-filled bath this Valentine’s day…

They’ll also make a delightful homemade gift for your family and friends!

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