19 Essential Stress Free Christmas Tips ~ You Need To Know This Year

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These Christmas tips are essential if want to navigate your way through the chaos of Christmas this year… without losing your sanity!

Adulting is hard! From bleeding the radiators to holding a down a job… some of us just have no idea what we’re meant to be doing or why!

We would rather just stop adulting & become mermaids instead! So it’s no surprise that if you find yourself suddenly responsible for the Christmas of yourself & others this year, you’ll probably be feeling a mix of excitement & fear!

On one hand, you get to make up some new traditions & do things your way… But on the other hand, you don’t know where to start!

From planning food, gifts, guests & turkeys to pets, posting deadlines & Dietary requirements… Organizing Christmas is no easy task!

But worry not!… I’ve found some of the best Christmas tips that will help you adult your way through the festivities this year like a pro!

These tips for a stress-free Christmas will help you look like superwoman on the outside…. & help you feel like it on the inside too!

So without further ado, let’s start…

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19 Essential Christmas Tips To Help Non-Adulting Adults Plan A Stress Free Christmas This Year #christmastips #planningchristmas #organizingchristmas #howtoplanchristmas #themummyfront | Christmas Organizing tips | How to plan Christmas

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19 Essential Christmas Tips For The Non-Adulting Adult

#1 Wrap It Up

Stock up on cheap wrapping supplies if you’re planning to send cards & gifts… If you’re looking for some stunning festive wrapping inspiration, check out this post here.


#2 Stay Ahead of Post Dates

Sending cards & gifts via the Mail Man? Use the handy images below to ensure you don’t miss out on 2018 posting deadlines…

US Christmas Postal Deadlines 2018

Christmas Tips, Last Christmas Post Dates From US #christmastips

UK Christmas Postal Deadlines 2018

Christmas Tips, Last Christmas Post Dates From UK, posting Deadlines 2018 #christmastips

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#3 Spruce Up Your Decs

If your decorations have seen better days, try making some of your own decorations this year… not only will this save you money, but you’ll also have some sentimental treasures that will stay in your family for years to come.

#4 Scissors & Tape

Wrapping presents with blunt scissors is no laughing matter! Be sure to get in a new pair of sharp scissors & a stash of tape to make wrapping presents a breeze!


#5 Give Savvy Gifts

Don’t just throw money at high street stores this year to only end up with gifts that aren’t appreciated… instead, get creative & make your own gorgeous handmade gifts that anyone would love to get or buy gifts that keep on giving like the ones in this post here.

#6 Forget The Dishes

Nothing can kill the Christmas spirit faster than having to wash up several roasting trays! This year get in a supply of disposable trays & give yourself a break on the Christmas washing up! You can get turkey roasting trays here on Amazon, but you’ll probably find them cheaper at your local supermarket.


#7 Take Care Of Pets

Pets are a big part of the family too so it’s tempting to want to spoil them at Christmas! However, be aware that certain Christmas essentials like Holly, Poinsettia, Mistletoe, Chocolate, Grapes and even Mince Pies are a big no-no for dogs! You can find out more about pet care at Christmas by checking out this post. If you want to treat your doggie this year then a stocking filled with doggie treats is the perfect way to keep your fur baby happy & safe too!

#8 Out With The Old

Christmas is the best time of year to flog all the old junk that you don’t use anymore! Sell it all on eBay, Facebook, Craigslist and garage sales… you’ll be giving yourself a little cash injection too!

#9 Clean The Glassware

The perfect way to get glasses sparkling is to give them a 5-minute soak in some white vinegar!

#10 Prep Your Meals

The last thing you want to be doing over Christmas is cooking a ton of meals… but you still gotta eat right? Make an effort to cook up some lasagne, shepherds pies & spaghetti bolognese a few weeks before Christmas and freeze!


#11 Get in Your Meds

Plan ahead to ensure you’ve got all the medications you need before the Pharmacy closes over Christmas. Remember, medication & alcohol is one cocktail that doesn’t ever go down well so be sure to check all your medication packaging for advice before you pour yourself a glass!

#12 Dietary Requirements

Have friends coming over for Christmas?… Reach out in advance to check if they have any special dietary requirements… the last thing you want is for your guests to turn up & not be able to eat!

#13 Nibbles

Make sure you have plenty of nibbles to bring out on Christmas day.

Great Christmas Nibbles Ideas…

  • shortbread
  • cream cheese
  • chocolates
  • sausage rolls
  • smoked salmon
  • devilled eggs
  • crackers & cheese
  • ham slices
  • chicken wings
  • nuts
  • mince pies


#14 Get in The Turkey

If you haven’t got one already, sort out where you’re going to buy your Christmas turkey from. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good turkey, the frozen options from the supermarket are excellent but will need at least 90 hours to defrost for an extra large turkey. To defrost properly, simply snip open the bag slightly & place the turkey in a roasting tray… do not defrost in the fridge because this will take a considerably longer time!

You can also buy your turkey from your local butcher… but usually, you’ll need to do this a good few weeks in advance!

#15 The Man In Red

If you have kids, be sure to have a carrot, mince pie & milk at the ready to leave out for the big man himself on Christmas eve night! A little message to Santa from me: ‘Forgetting to eat & drink your goodies while you deliver the gifts will undoubtedly devastate the children in the morning’…. ask me how I know? Yep, sometimes even the most obvious & important things on the to-do list get forgotten in the midst of Christmas chaos.


#16 Track Santa

The kids will enjoy stalking tracking Santa this year… log on here from the 1st Dec to find out exactly where Santa is as he’s delivering all the presents!

#17 Reindeer Food

On Christmas eve night, put on your coats & shoes & head outside to throw peanuts on the roof for the reindeer… after-all they’re in for a busy night! Any leftover nuts will be enjoyed by the wildlife in your garden so make sure you don’t include any glitter or any other ingredients that are harmful to animals.


#18 Give To Charity

If you’re struggling to make ends meet & are worried about Christmas spending, you are not alone! Most people are in the same boat but still feel obliged to buy for others. This year, suggest to extended friends & family that you would rather you both made a donation to charity than to buy for each other… this is a great way to save yourself money & give back to people who need it at the same time.

#19 Have Yourself A Merry Christmas

It’s so easy to get caught up in stress and chaos of Christmas! This year, sit down and have a think about what Christmas really means to you… is it about spending a ton of money & worrying about everything being perfect? or is it about spending time with family, celebrating & eating good food? Keep this thought in the forefront of your mind as you go about making your Christmas plans this year & you’ll find everything comes together for the best Christmas yet!

Merry Christmas

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19 Essential Christmas Tips To Help Non-Adulting Adults Plan A Stress Free Christmas This Year #christmastips #planningchristmas #organizingchristmas #howtoplanchristmas #themummyfront | Christmas Organizing tips | How to plan Christmas