22 Best DIY Wood Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Cozy up your holiday decor this year with these stunning DIY wood Christmas decoration ideas!

Why Make DIY Christmas Decorations Out Of Wood?

Wood is one of the most versatile materials to create decorations with.

We love the idea of DIY wood Christmas decorations because they’re not only cost-effective…

They’ll also create a nice rustic, natural touch in your home that’s just perfect for Christmas!

Oh, and let’s not forget that wooden ornaments are the perfect handmade Christmas present idea too!

wooden Christmas ornaments

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Is It Easy To Make Decorations Out Of Wood?

The beautiful thing about making decorations with wood is that there are so many projects and ideas available and supplies are super easy to come by!

Meaning you can easily find something you’ll love that’s perfect for your skill level and that you’ll actually be able to complete!

And the good news is that you really don’t need to be a master carpenter with a fully kitted-out workshop to create wooden decorations worthy of admiration.

Below we’ve included plenty of simple ideas for you that don’t require any special woodworking tools… in fact, for many of them, you can get away with just some trusty hot glue!

Wooden Centrepiece

What Can You Make Out Of Wood For Christmas?

There are so many different and creative designs that can be made out of wood!

From popsicle stick Christmas trees, stamped wooden blocks, and candle sconce holders to pine cone Christmas ornaments… here is a quick list to inspire your next festive wood creation!

  1. Twig Christmas Trees
  2. Advent calendars
  3. Beaded ornaments
  4. Beaded garlands
  5. Candle sconces 
  6. Festive signs
  7. Wood slice ornaments
  8. Stocking holders
  9. Wooden Christmas trees
  10. Gingerbread houses

And so many more besides!

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22 Stunning DIY Wood Christmas Decorations Anyone Can Do!

22 Best DIY Wood Christmas Decoration Ideas

1. Snow Covered Pine Cones

Snow covered pine cone decorations

2. Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments

Popsicle Stick Tree Ornaments

3. Reclaimed Wood Christmas Trees

Reclaimed wooden trees

4. DIY Christmas Countdown Clock

DIY Christmas countdown clock

5. DIY String Art Stocking Holders

DIY String art stocking holders

6. DIY Mason Jar Candle Sconce

Mason Jar Sconce

7. DIY Christmas Countdown

DIY Christmas Countdown

8. DIY Wooden Bead Christmas Tree Garland

Wood bead tree garland

9. Shiplap Ornament Display

shiplap ornament display

10. DIY Woodland Sign

Winter Woodland Sign

11. DIY Wood Block Snowman

DIY Wood Block Snowman

12. Easy Wood Bead Wreath

Easy wooden bead wreath

13. DIY Wooden Sign

wooden rustic sign

14. Wooden Block Stack

Wooden block stack

15. Wood Block Gnomes

Wood block gnomes

16. Names of Jesus Wooden Ornaments

Names of Jesus Wood Ornaments

17. Rustic Noel Sign

Rustic Noel Sign

18. Reclaimed Wood Merry Christmas Sign

Merry Christmas Sign Made With Reclaimed Wood

19. Wooden Bead Snowman Ornaments

Wood bead snowman ornaments

20. Pallet Wood Trees With Fairy Lights

Pallet trees

21. DIY Wood Slice Banners

DIY wood slice banners

22. Christmas Tree Twig Present Toppers

twig Christmas Trees

Wooden reindeer