Adorable DIY Unicorn Pom Pom Coaster

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Today we’re sharing with you our DIY Pom-Pom Unicorn coaster which is one of our favorite crafts featured inside our little ebook 54 Easy & Adorable Crafts.

This coaster is super easy to make and will bring a smile to everyone’s face!

It’s the perfect handmade gift idea for friends and family and makes a wonderful craft to make and sell!

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So are you ready to get started on your Unicorn pom-pom coaster?

Great! Let’s dive into the tutorial…

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Easy DIY Pom Pom Unicorn Coaster

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Adorable DIY Unicorn Pom Pom Coaster

Making a set of these adorable unicorn pom-pom coasters is super easy and fun!

Simply follow the tutorial below step-by-step!

We’ve also provided you with FREE templates that you can print off to recreate our exact design…

Get Your Free Template For This Craft

We’ve created a free pdf template so you can reproduce the exact design we’ve created.

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DIY Pom-Pom Unicorn Coaster Supplies

DIY Pom-Pom Unicorn Coaster Tools

  • Fabric glue
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks 
  • Printer to print free templates
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Template

How To Make A Unicorn Pom-Pom Coaster Step By Step

Step 1.

Gather all your supplies and print and cut out your unicorn template.

Step 2.

Place your template onto your cork sheet and draw around it using the sharpie. 

Step 3.

Press and hold the sharpie over the features marked out on the template. The sharpie will mark through onto the cork so you can join up the dots to create the facial features.

Step 4.

Use the black felt to cut out the unicorn’s eyes. Use the template to help you.

Step 5.

Begin sticking pom-poms onto the cork sheet using hot glue in the order shown in the image below.

Unicorn coaster pom pom placement order

*Be extra careful with hot glue as it can burn. To be safe, use tweezers to pick up and place your pom-poms into position.

Step 6.

Use the templates provided to cut out the hairpieces using the pink felts and cut a black flower using the black felt and stick to the unicorn using hot glue along with the unicorn’s eyes. Secure a pom-pom onto the top of the black flower.

Step 7.

 Finish the unicorn coaster by spreading fabric glue onto the pink horn pom-poms and add a sprinkling of glitter.


Easy DIY Pom Pom Unicorn Coaster Craft Step-By-Step Infographic


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